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This Christmas, Cubik decided to put their Christmas card budget to good use by hosting a coffee and quiz morning at local residential care home, Cleeve Lodge.

Every year, Cubik Innovation send over 200 Christmas themed electronic games to our customers, and suppliers. Like the business cards that we build and distribute at trades shows, the Christmas cards are an LED game where you must stop the flashing LED’s on the green light. In previous years they have taken on a range of Christmas themed shapes including a snowflake, Christmas tree and a snowman.

With Christmas fast approaching, the team sat down to discuss this year’s campaign and to come up with ideas for the card. Two hours and a wide variety of shape ideas later, we eventually asked the question: “Is there something more inspiring that we could do?”.

On average, the LED games cost around £5 each to make and we decided that perhaps that money could be put to better use to benefit our local community.

A Cubik Christmas Team was quickly established and comprised of Camilla Saunders (Finance Manager), Mercedes Tilling (Office Co-Ordinator), Michelle Foggin (Production Co-Ordinator), Shannon Cribb (Design Engineer) and Molly Curry (Marketing & Communications Executive). We came up with several ideas of what we could do but the one that resonated with the business was to host a coffee morning in a local residential home. Many of us have family members who are either in or have been in residential care and we felt it was a wonderful way to give something back and spread a little festive cheer. As well as providing entertainment for the residents, we also wanted to give staff the chance to put their feet up for 10 minutes and let us get the brews in for a change.

Cubik Christmas Team

As a local small business, it was important to us that we run the event with a local care home. We got in touch with Cleeve Lodge Residential Home in Downend, Bristol to ask if we could host a coffee morning, serving tea, coffee and cake. Despite an already jam-packed Christmas activity programme they were delighted to hear from us and said they would most certainly squeeze us in.

Cleeve Lodge is home to 29 residents who are no longer able to manage in their own home or who would like increased security provided by a 24-hour care team. They create a warm, comfortable and homely feeling for residents with the bonus of an activities programme which provides opportunities for entertainment.

Christmas Care Home
Christmas Care Home
Christmas Care Home

Christmas with Cubik

We arrived at Cleeve equipped with a wide selection of cake, biscuits and mince pies and promptly got stuck into taking orders. Once everyone had a brew and cake (or two) in hand, the Christmas and music quizzes got underway creating quite a buzz around the conservatory and, dare we say, a bit of friendly competition.

As well as hosting the coffee morning, we wanted to give the residents a gift that would benefit them day-to-day and not just for the morning. We worked closely with Care Home Manager, Risa Biggs, to choose individual gifts for each of the residents and put together a selection of board games for them to enjoy over the festive season.

We had a fantastic morning getting to know the staff and residents over a cuppa and some cake, hearing their stories and spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer.

We’d like to thank everyone at Cleeve Lodge for having us and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Keep an eye out for more photos and a write up about the event in the Bristol Post next week.

Christmas Care Home
Christmas Care Home