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Like us, you will be aware of the developing situation with COVID-19.

We don’t know what to expect over the next couple of months, but we have started thinking about what we can do to minimise our risk. Our aim is to continue to operate to the best of our ability, whilst maintaining the safety of our customers, suppliers, staff and their families.

  • We don’t consider the Cubik Innovation team to be particularly high risk. We are keeping external meetings to a minimum and ask all visitors to refrain from shaking hands.
  • Most of our staff are choosing to postpone their holiday plans until things settle down. Anyone who has returned from abroad will work from home for at least 7-10 days following their return to the UK.
  • Very few staff use public transport, opting to make the most of the free on-site parking or a brisk walk to work in the fresh air.
  • Our office environment is self-contained, and our staff are doing a great job at taking extra steps around personal hygiene and washing hands. We sing ‘Happy Birthday’ a lot.
  • We share our building with other responsible companies who are also taking sensible measures to minimise their risk.
  • We have increased the level of cleaning of the office with a focus on areas that might harbour bacteria such as door handles etc. Between cleans we also treat these areas with antibacterial product throughout the day. We have plenty of antibacterial soap readily available for all staff and visitors.
  • Our Business and Design teams are now working from home. Administrative and Project Management staff have had phones installed at their homes so that we can continue to answer your calls and queries as normal. Remote working tools have also been put in place to ensure we can continue to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Where it could get tricky is our Production department as it can only operate within our in-house manufacturing facility. We will of course maintain Production for as long as we possibly can. If it comes to it, we will reduce the department to skeleton staff. But we must consider our usual Health and Safety protocols to ensure staff safety whilst operating tools and machinery.
  • Any projects that are impacted as a result of adjustments that need to be made will be informed as soon as we are aware.

For now, it’s business as usual at Cubik HQ. We are taking each day as it comes and are closely monitoring the advice given by the NHS, Department of Health and the Government.

If anything changes, we’ll be in touch. Keep informed and stay safe.

All the best

Paul, Sam and the Cubik Team