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All the latest events and developments.

First day: Today I have been working and experiencing how things are done in the production room and the Metryx production room. First, I was shown how to check that everything ordered has arrived and that the quantity of it is right (by Steve), Then I was doing some mechanical work on WES001P (the current project). Thirdly today I was cutting wire to the correct length, stripping it then crimping it with Mariusz in the Metryx production room.

Second day: Today I have been in the production room and the Metryx room. I started by checking a few deliveries to their delivery notes to ensure they were the correct components ordered. I then moved from the production room into the Metryx room and helped Josh QC/QA check 4 fan units by checking the wiring for continuity and checking all the clipped in parts were clipped in, we also checked that the screw torque lines were correct and lined up, after all these passed we then wrapped 2 fan units using bubble wrap and sellotape and boxed the other 2 (this is to ensure safe packaging). I then returned into the production room and wired all the WES001P I put together the day before. Finally, I helped Luke package the LIM chargers by bagging all the accessories and boxing them.

Third day: Today I have been working in the design stage of Cubik Innovation with the help of Russell. I have been learning how to use SolidWorks 2018 and can now design fairly simple things like a ninja star. I have been listening and working along with tutorials on solid professor. Before I came here I only knew how to do the very basic concepts on SolidWorks now I can design and evaluate designs. After I learned how to use SolidWorks I was told I would have a chance to design something which I could 3D print, A ninja star. After I had designed this ninja star and had it approved by Russel he took me to the 3D printing room and we started to print it, this was at 16:30 the print was going to take 2 hours and 40 minutes meaning I wouldn’t not be able to collect it until tomorrow. There were a few problems with the 3D printer, the pad which the filament is laid onto didn’t heat up properly meaning the filament wasn’t going to stick, so we turned the machine fully off and then back on again, this solved the problem. Then the filament couldn’t seem to stick to the bed the first couple of tries but eventually it did and now it’s been running smoothly for 20 minutes 

Fourth day: Today I inspected my 3D printed ninja star which printed with out fault. I was then working in production again for the day I was mainly checking deliveries to their dispatch notes to check that they’re the correct component and have arrived in the correct quantity. I was then doing some mechanical work putting some Pitchmark boxes together, I was putting the fuse box together specifically. I then booked in all the components which have arrived by checking they’re quantity and order numbers, I then kitted for the job and put the specific components in all these boxes ready for hand assembly.

Fifth day: Today I have been working with Marijan and we have been producing a schematic and a circuit. This is a circuit which takes solar energy and transfers it into spinning a uplift (which is a piece of art). The circuit which was already made looks messy and wasn’t making the most of the solar energy meaning the uplift wasn’t spinning to the speed it should be and it also wasn’t spinning as smooth as it should be. But now after we redesigned the circuit on Altium designer it should work smoothly and quickly. We printed off the finished designs and we are now waiting for them to be approved ready to send off and get the boards printed so production will be able to start.