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All the latest events and developments.

Day 1:

I started off today in a meeting which was interesting. After I did plenty of jobs and spoke with several people in the company. For example, I inspected plastics with Steve, found faults in PCB’s with Luke and also wrapped up some of the products in bubble wrap packaging. Also, I prepared wires, mechanically built products, such as over current boxes and socialised with some of the employees gaining a small understanding of their roles, commitments and difficulties in the job.

Day 2:

Today I gradually worked through finished the 5 over current with Mariusz, constantly giving instructions and helping if needed. Throughout the day I was also given several other jobs, such as packaging and making tea, all helping in some way. But now the over currents are finished. In the afternoon, Mariusz helped me develop my soldering skills and it was very beneficial.

Day 3:

To begin the day Mariusz and I completely polished and wrapped the 5 over current boxes really to be departed, which took a considerable amount of time. After lunch I prepared a bunch of wires and cables by precisely cutting them and the some for the sleeves, again taking come time. Also, I put Serial code stickers on located areas on PCB’s which also took some time and skill, not as easy as it seems.

Day 4:

Today I was heavily involved in the structuring process of the PCB’s and cables, with Steve and James – both part of the production team. I had to delicately place wires into slots and screw them in, in the correct order and without breaking them, which was quite a fiddly job. Through part of the day, I helped sort out all Mariusz scrap materials and organise his workshop.

Day 5:

Today I finished the Wessex Hatches and wrapped them, put them in a box, with a cable I wrapped and prepared them for delivery. Later in the day I spectated Luke whilst he tested several PCB’s in different ways, taking up and hour of the afternoon. Also, I cut 80 wires 280mm long, all very precisely, with a technique Mariusz taught me. Finally, I helped wrap some more mechanical and metal products.