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​Creating custom designs to simulate real life training environments for defence personnel

Close Air Solutions (CAS) is a Bristol based company that design and produce simulation equipment used for training defence and security personnel. They provide a range of simulation applications including software applications that integrate with replica military equipment to provide trainees with a realistic training environment.

Following on from the success of the IZLID project, CAS approached Cubik for support with the design and development of their latest piece of simulation equipment, the CAS – Emulated Advanced GPS Receiver (C-EAGR). Like the IZLID, the product design had to look and feel like the real-world device. It also had to have the ability to be fully integrated into their Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and Joint Fires Observer (JFO) type simulators.

CEAGR Unit and Sample Display Screens
CEAGR Unit and Sample Display Screens

The C-EAGR has the same functions that are currently used by JTACs for positional information manipulation including:

  • Continuous update of position on the present position screen.
  • Ability to place in standby mode to manipulate positional data from the present position screen.
  • Quick conversion between coordinate formats – MGRS, Lat Long (degrees minutes), Lat Long (degrees minutes’ seconds), Lat Long (degrees minutes’ decimal minutes).
  • Quick conversion between elevation units (ft and m).
  • Magnetic variation application from the world magnetic model.
  • Ability to manually enter waypoints and store the waypoint list including editing names.
  • Ability to compute range and bearing between waypoints and change angular units (mils degree).
  • Fast Fix/Back/and Mark quick access from any page.
  • Pos Page access from any page.
  • Accurate representation of start-up, satellite search, and all waning messages associated with changing positional information.

Cubik developed an entirely custom design that replicated the real-world product and that would integrate with the CAS simulator environment. The electronic system combines a high-quality TFT screen with a membrane keypad to provide the user interface. Data to and from the simulator is provided by way of a USB connection which is also used to supply power for the C-EAGR.

A Microchip PIC provides USB interface at the C-EAGR and delivers all handshaking to and from the PC. The C-EAGR mounts as a Human Interface Device (HID) so that it does not require a special driver layer on the PC.

The enclosure closely replicates the original device. It has been manufactured using vacuum casting, a technique which allows low volume production of plastic enclosures without the costly injection mould tooling process.

Speaking about working with Cubik, CAS’s Senior Software Engineer, Jonathan Owen BEng EngD, said:

“Close Air Solutions are pleased to have been able to work with Cubik on this project. We particularly appreciated Cubik’s commitment, and ability, to meeting a tight deadline on a complex project.”

Cubik Innovation offer services for complete electronic product design, from concept through to manufacturing. If you are looking for help to develop your product speak to one of our experts.

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Adrian Schmieder of HiETA commented: “Cubik’s quick turn-around of a functioning PCB has sped the delivery of the project and enabled me to focus on areas of the project in which HiETA has expertise.  The project is a great success and produced valuable information even from its first use.  I am very impressed with the support Cubik provided me throughout the project, from initial concept through to PCB delivery.  I will not hesitate to engage with them again as future PCB projects arise.”


Speaking about the collaboration between Inductosense and Cubik Innovation, Founder and CTO Dr Chenghuan Zhong (Bamboo) stated: "It was great working with the knowledgeable and experienced team at Cubik Innovation. They always provide full support as well as useful and thoughtful advice to us, helping us find solutions for really difficult problems."


Geoff Jones, Aquabar Inventor: "It was a pleasure to work with Cubik on our project. Paul and Sam understood the concept at one meeting, and produced a solution filling the brief within two weeks which has enabled us to find a potential partner. We will certainly use Cubik for our production units later in the year, Many thanks."

Plymouth University

Paul Davey, Associate Professor (SL) Plymouth University: "If you need a prototype developed to a high standard and on time you would be hard pushed to find someone better. They have highly trained, experienced engineers who get the job done."

Clean Energy Prospector Ltd

Damon Rand, Head Product Design: "Paul and the team have really helped us speed up the turnaround on our prototypes and assure the manufacturability of our designs. If you’re designing electronics in the South-West, then Cubik is a great choice for short-run manufacturing."