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Director Paul Mullen gave a lecture to Computer Science and Creative Technologies students at The University of the West of England this month. Invited by Associate Head of Department, Dr John Hunt, Paul spoke to students about first hand experiences of running a start-up, as well as working for one.

A number of the students currently studying on all levels of the course within the Faculty of Environment and Technology requested a local speaker to talk about the logistics of setting up, running and maintaining the business through its start-up phase.

Cubik has seen a dramatic increase of inventors and entrepreneurs looking to develop electronic products, primarily due to easier market access provided by online crowd funding platforms. The talk was the perfect opportunity to address not only the highs of setting out on your own, but also the associated pit falls which can help shape the development of the business.

Paul summarised the value of running your own business beyond the day to day management:

‘Setting up on your own is daunting, it involves juggling a lot of balls in the air but it is hugely rewarding. It can go beyond being just financially profitable into being a very gratifying life style business.’

There were a number of questions posed by the students in attendance at the end of the lecture which not only demonstrated how engaged they are in their current studies, but also their forward thinking aptitude towards business.

It is hoped that one day Cubik Innovation will able to do business with these future entrepreneurs.