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​Since 1985, manufacturers have been required to affix a CE mark to certain products to allow them to be sold in the UK and Europe. In the electronics industry, this process is well trodden as almost every product needs to be CE marked. But what happens on New Years Day 2021 when we wake up and are no longer part of the European Union (EU)?

UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark

From January 2022, manufacturers of all applicable products sold in Britain must affix the new UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark.

EU and Ireland CE mark

If the product is going to be sold in the EU and Ireland the CE mark must also be used meaning most products will be marked with both marks.

Manufacturers will be given a transition period to allow them to evaluate their products requirements, obtain the appropriate documentation and make the necessary changes. From January 2021, they will be able to use either the CE mark or the UKCA mark. From January 2022 the CE mark will no longer be recognised in Great Britain and, by January 2023, the UKCA mark only must be affixed directly to the product.

So, what does this mean for my product?

If your product was tested to the British standards you may not need to retest it, but you will need to generate a UKCA declaration and amend the technical file. Information about the standards to which your product has been tested should be stated on the Declaration of Conformity. If your product was tested to the International version of the standards it is likely that some additional testing may be required.

Cubik Innovation have extensive experience in the field of product compliance testing and documentation. Alongside our network of partners, we are well placed to help transition to the new legislative requirements. If you need help to ensure your product meets the new standards, get in touch