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Here at Cubik Innovation we are very fortunate to have some exceptionally talented team members with some brilliant personalities. In our everyday office life we like to try and enjoy our day as much as possible.

Often the team pops to the pub for a pint but last week it was decided that we should have our first Cubik day trip out. So where do 12 electronics engineers and designers go I hear you ask?! Well, Bletchley Park of course!

Having squashed ourselves onto a mini bus for a couple of hours we arrived at Bletchley Park on a lovely sunny day and headed straight for the enigma machines and the Alan Turing exhibition.

A truly fascinating exhibition it certainly stoked our inner spies and we were eager to head off to the much anticipated Colossus Computer.

Developed by code breakers during the Second World War, it was the world’s first programmable computer designed to decrypt messages sent by enemy machines. In total ten machines were built, all of which were dismantled and many parts destroyed after the war. Being able to see the machine working was something quite special.

Right next door to Bletchley Park is The National Museum of Computing and it was here that the whole team was taken on a special tour. Talking us through the various computing technologies, beginning with the Harwell Dekatron (WITCH), through Mainframes to Sinclairs and Amstrads right up to present day computers, the museum staff had a fascinating and entertaining take on emerging and colliding technologies.

With such a broad range of skill sets our day trip to Bletchley Park has proven to be quite the talking point. Looking to the future of emerging electronic technologies the team continue to seek out new projects requiring the latest know how and the exciting challenges they pose.