Our multi-disciplined team have experience designing complex electronic products and software solutions for some of the most demanding applications. We take a flexible approach, working in partnership with you to help develop new ideas, review existing designs, or extend your technical capabilities.


We pride ourselves on our strong electronic design capabilities and cover a wide area of expertise including analogue, digital, and mixed signal design. We use a variety of innovative methodologies and techniques that allow us to meet your design objectives, whilst keeping costs and timescales minimised.

From your initial concept, we create a schematic diagram and Bill of Materials (BoM) which itemises the materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies’, parts and components that are required to manufacture your product. This gives you an idea of whether your product is viable from an early stage.

PCB Design

Quality PCB design ensures your product will function properly and is manufacturable. Using layout software and computer aided design (CAD), we combine expert component placement and wire routing to define the electrical connectivity needed to bring your product to life.

Our expert engineers can create simple control circuits to complex high speed, multi-layer, electronic systems, and everything in between.


Our skills allow us to develop software that is robust, durable, and reliable. Quality centred and adherent to industry standards, we can develop bespoke firmware, application and server-side solutions that control your hardware. From requirements analysis and system architecture to writing code, testing and integration, we support you through the software development lifecycle.

Our core services and knowledge base include:

  • Embedded software development on industry standard microcontrollers and System on Chip (SoC)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) development
  • Raspberry Pi and compute module development
  • Embedded WIFI, Bluetooth firmware and applications
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Sensory and peripheral interfacing and development using SPI, CAN, I2C
  • ESP32 development
  • Microchip PICs
  • Nordic semiconductor devices

Our software and hardware teams work in parallel, creating a feedback loop that identifies and corrects problems during the development process, reducing timescales and costs.

Mechanical Design

During development our core skills of electronic, PCB and software design are complimented by advanced solid modelling and mechanical design capabilities.

Using SolidWorks 3D and Fusion 360 CAD software we can design bespoke enclosures, assemblies, and test rigs for your product, supporting prototyping or manufacture.


Proof of concept models help you better understand your product, prove your technology, and can help secure investment.

Our prototype service is highly flexible and can cater for single or multiple units. Using rapid turnaround PCB manufacture, 3D printing, electronic breadboarding or a combination of all three, we can develop production representative prototypes that use the same parts and components as your volume production. This gives you a more accurate indication of how your product will perform in a real-world application as well as realistic manufacturing costs.

If needed, we can also take products through to ‘looks like’ functional models using injection moulded realistic components.

Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture is a critical part of the development process that aims to optimise a product for ease of manufacture through efficient design and thoughtful part selection.

Our engineers consider manufacturability from the outset. Combining years of experience together with an extensive parts library, we select the right components and materials that ensure your product is easy to manufacture, assemble and maintain.

By implementing DFM principles early in the development process, we can identify and resolve potential issues during the design stage, avoiding delays and reducing the need for costly modifications and rework during production.

Regulatory Certification

Before you can launch your product to your intended market, it needs to be safe, fit for purpose and compliant with the relevant standards.

Achieving the correct certification can be complex and expensive. We can help you make sense of the regulatory world and guide you through the relevant procedures to bring your product to market quickly. We have a variety of in-house testing capabilities including environmental, EMC and safety. These enable us to look at high risk areas before submitting your product for formal testing.

Once it’s ready, we can accompany your product to the test house to ensure it stands the best chance of passing first time. In addition, we can help develop the Technical File and assist you to mark your product for compliance.

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