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​We don’t just design great products, we build them too.

Manufacturing your product with Cubik

Cubik specialises in taking products through the full product development lifecycle; from concept to design and production. Our in-house manufacturing facility offers the simplicity of an end-to-end production service including PCB assembly, wiring harnesses, mechanical fabrication, mechanical assembly, final product testing, box build and completed product pack and ship.

No matter which stage of the cycle your product is in, our team of engineers have got the skills, knowledge and experience in manufacture to support you through the next steps.

As a ISO 9001:2015 certified company, quality is at the core of everything we do. From IPC standards to bespoke test rigs and quality assurance, you can be confident that your product is in good hands.


PCB assembly

We are experts in low and medium-volume PCB assembly covering both surface mount and through hole electronics assembly. Whether you are looking for a single unit prototype or a batch build of 1000 or more, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your budget, timescale, and technical requirements. Our in-house capabilities include hand placement, semi-automated placement, conventional through-hole soldering, rework, inspection, and testing.

Our talented engineers are skilled in a range of manufacturing disciplines and, as well as building your product, can offer technical support and guidance throughout the process to ensure your product is the best it can be.

All products are manufactured by IPC-A-610 qualified engineers in our ESD controlled facility to ensure your products meet all quality expectations.

Over the years, we have established a strong supply chain which allows us to pass on the benefit of short lead times and competitive procurement rates.

Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)

Wiring harnesses

We offer a full range of wiring harnesses, wiring looms and cable harnesses.

We can provide cables cut to length, stripped, crimped, tinned, coiled, loomed and labelled to suit your needs.

Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)

Mechanical fabrication

Cubik offer a wide range of mechanical fabrication both in house and through our trusted partners. Whether you are looking for rapid 3D printing to prove designs or for use as space models, sheet metal work, CNC components or plastic enclosures, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process and support your products. Our mechanical fabrication capabilities include:

  • 3D printing – we have a variety of in house printers and materials available
  • Sheet metal design and manufacture
  • CNC machining including plastics, metals, bespoke and MOTS
  • Plastics including vacuum casting, injection moulding and MOTS
  • 2D and 3D mechanical design
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)

Mechanical assembly

Our engineers are experts in the assembly of mechanical components and product assembly, from sheet metal work to modified off the shelf enclosures and everything in between. We offer a full product assembly services that will take your product from a kit of parts to a completed product.

Whether it’s as simple as mounting a PCB into an off the shelf enclosure or a full custom enclosure with multiple parts, connectors, looms and PCBs, we have skills you need to get your product market ready.

Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)

Product testing

As part of our commitment to delivering high quality products, we offer a wide range of in-house test solutions that can be tailored to suit your products specifications. If required, we can develop a bespoke test rig that is suited to the individual complexities and production volumes of your product.

We carry out thorough testing of each and every unit to ensure the safety and reliability of your product. Our in-house test capabilities include:

  • IPC-A-610 manual inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Custom bed of nails test rigs
  • Programming and verification
  • Full functional test
  • User acceptance test
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)

Box build

To compliment our manufacturing services, we also offer a full box build solution including software installation, product configuration, packaging, labelling and shipping and returns handling.

Throughout the box build, our team handle all materials and products with the upmost care to ensure a perfectly presented final product.

Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
Cubik Innovation (26th August 2020)
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