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Business Manager

As Business Manager, Camilla’s role is varied and incorporates the management of several functions including Finance and HR, bringing together her love of numbers and people.

With her finance hat on, Camilla gets involved with everything from managing the sales and purchase ledger to strategic financial planning and budgeting. When she’s not crunching the numbers, Camilla is responsible for staff wellbeing, recruitment, training and resource planning. She also manages the Business Team which includes Project Management, Sales and Marketing.

Outside of Cubik, Camilla loves to travel and would happily spend all of her time exploring the world and adds South Africa, USA and South East Asia to her wish list. She also has a keen interest in interior design and admits to spending an unreasonable amount of time reading interior design magazines and looking for ideas on Pinterest.

Interesting fact
Camilla is a Synaesthete. In short, it means that she sees letters, numbers, days of the week, months, and years in different colours. These never change. So for example, Monday is always white and Saturday is always yellow. Until recently Camilla thought this was the case for everyone. Perhaps it explains her love of numbers – because they look nicer in colour.

What innovation means to Camilla…
Using the skills and knowledge of our expert team to develop new and exciting products for our customers.