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Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Cubik Inno-va-tion, Happy Birthday to us! Three years! Epic.

For the third year running we can’t believe this day has come again so quickly, you know what they say about time and fun and all that! Over the past three years we have been busy beavering away, driving our business forward, growing, expanding our services and working with some fantastic people. What started as three of us in a room with a few nice projects, has transformed into a 20 strong team across three departments working on over 20 live projects at any one time.

To celebrate this most auspicious of occasion we obviously opted for the classic Cubik Birthday protocol of buying cake and balloons, after all as a company we’re still in age bracket where it’s acceptable to enjoy the lesser sophisticated birthday celebrations, perhaps when we get to ten years we’ll start looking further afield to laser quest or ten pin bowling!


To mark the meeting of this important juncture, a signpost which marks our transition from Start-up to the established small business, we also wanted to spotlight a few of the awesome team members which have made our success possible, by way of thank you for their important and much valued work- after all there a few things that can’t be expressed in cake.

Chase Callender
Chase joined Cubik as our first employee and has been working at top gear helping to accelerate growth since then. He was responsible for some of the first electronic designs shipped to our customers and has been pivotal to winning some of the bigger projects in the years following. Without Chase’s crucial effort at Cubik’s conception it’s a certainty we would have taken a lot longer to get to where we are now, Cheers Chase!

Sam Beard
Sam started as Cubik’s first production engineer, but took on the role of self-proclaimed ‘do-er of all things’, dealing with office systems and quality management as well as production work. Sam is now our production manager and most definitely our quality management representative! He has managed to build a department around him, which is both extremely commercially successful to the business and also pretty special in the way it runs, with a mix of experienced technicians and apprentices, Sam has cultivated an environment for learning and development without losing the ‘Go do it’ attitude which means the team always deliver on time. Bravo Sam!

Sophie Adams-Foster 
Sophie came to Cubik as a contractor in our first year to optimise Marketing efforts, and was instrumental to raising Cubik’s profile and maximising visibility in the early stages of the business. She designed clever brochures, exhibited our wears at Venturefest, networked and made connections with local academia and industry, laying important groundwork for future growth and development. Sophie takes the lead on New Product Design and Development and manages our Project Management team whilst overseeing all new business activity, safe to say her To-Do-List is always massive! Definitely one of our Cubik superstars!

This year we’ve had some great successes, winning awards, working on and completing some amazing projects and growing our team, 2016 holds much more change, new premises perhaps, a brand new industrial design department and hopefully some more exciting new projects. Big thank you to the Cubik team, our customers and all of our great design partners. Keep your eyes on our feed for more developments, we definitely have some planned, including a website revamp!